Rural vacant land is our focus, and supporting the interests of landowners is our top priority.

We specialize in acquiring our clients’ land at an expedient pace. While nature is known to be leisurely, selling vacant land should be more efficient. Our due diligence lasts 90 days, closures last between 30 and 90 days depending on the closing you choose, and we deal in cash for certain closures so that our clients can avoid the frustration of commission and fees as much as possible

Before working with us, many of our clients saw their land sitting on the market for months, all the while paying taxes and losing money that could have been spent on travel, invested in a new business, or saved to stabilize their 401k.

Without the unique features of a house, vacant land can be more difficult for real estate agents or brokers to sell.

Third Acquisitions is the alternative to real estate agents who deprioritize vacant land in favor of selling homes or immediately habitable land. Landowners are our top priority, and we respect their vacant rural land.

Whether you want to sell right now or not, we strongly believe that all landowners should have access to information about the value of their land, which we provide with our complimentary 360 Land Analysis. If you're interested in learning more and requesting a 360 Land Analysis, please do below.


Want to learn more about the market value of your land?

For landowners who are in an exploratory phase, we offer a 360 Land Analysis. This customized, complimentary report includes a market value estimate of your land. Price adjustments incorporate a range of contingencies such as location, zoning ordinances, subdivision regulations, septic systems, and overall habitability. The report also has comparative data on vacant land in your area that has been sold in the last twelve months.

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Curious about our process?

We have curated a set of resources and acquired extensive knowledge about the land sales and acquisition market. If you have questions and would like to learn more, we’d be delighted to connect with you to share our expertize. Following a brief 15-20 minute complimentary call, we'll send you a set of materials that can inform you further about our company and the process of selling vacant land at large.

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